Production Posse BASIC

BASIC is the beginner, entry level to the Production Posse.
For the price of a theatre ticket, a filmmaker can get BASIC access to the Production Posse Hub, emails and tools for a whole month!

BASIC doesn't provide access to everything, but it's a brilliant starting point for filmmakers and is very inexpensive. Highly recommended for new filmmakers who are starting out - a GREAT introduction to the power of the Production Posse.

Production Posse BASIC - Just $8 per month

Enter Code: 1DTBASIC For Your $1 BASIC Month Trial

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Production Posse BASIC - $8 per Month

A Great Start for New Filmmakers

  • Weekly Email Newsletters

    Get The Latest Production Posse News and BASIC Level Resources Direct to Your Inbox.

  • Production Posse Hub

    BASIC Level Access to the Online Hub of the Production Posse.

  • BASIC Level Filmmaking Tools

    Access to BASIC Filmmaking Tools, Templates, Guides and Documents.

  • Access to the Little Black Book (Read Only)

    Access to our database of colleagues and companies across various sectors and areas of filmmaking.

  • Production Posse Forums

    Exclusive BASIC Level Access to the Members Only Production Posse Filmmaking Forums.

  • BASIC Level Social Community

    Access to Use and Interact on the Production Posse Facebook Group and Other Social Media Areas.

You Can Compare All Membership Levels HERE

Enter Code: 1DTBASIC For Your $1 BASIC Month Trial

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¥870 Japanese Yen

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You can check out our terms, conditions and privacy policy here.

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