Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Production Posse?
The Production Posse is a filmmaking membership site, which exists to educate, motivate and bring together, indie film creatives. You can read our Mission Statement here.

Who is the Production Posse open to?
The Production Posse is proud to be very inclusive, and is open to anyone. We are the perfect community for indie filmmakers of all levels.

What region is the Production Posse based in?
The Production Posse is a UK based company, but the site is constructed to be US centric. Prices, times and language is targeted towards a US audience, simply due to the size of the readership. While prices are in "$", our payment process will convert to your local currency. All regions and districts are welcome, but the site is English language based.

How do I join?
We'd love to have you join the Posse. You can find out about Membership here.

Why are there different Membership Levels?
We understand that there are lots of different filmmakers out there, at different levels of filmmaking and with different requirements. We strive to produce quality content and services. This is serious work and we divide the content up into different levels, meaning those who use the most pay the most, those who use the least pay the least. You can find out more about Membership Levels here.

Can I try the Production Posse at a discount?
Yes! We are happy to offer all new members a $1 trial. This is an entire month of Production Posse membership for a month. We're able to offer this, because we are entirely confident in our service. If you're not entirely satisfied with the Production Posse, you can cancel within that month, and not be charged any further amount. You can sign up for a $1 trial here.

Can I be a free member?
No. We don't offer, and will not offer, a free membership level to the Production Posse. This is because we are a business and we produce high quality content and services for our members. We do not aim to offer free content, because we would then have to either radically lower our quality, or fill the site full of adverts and clickbait. In addition to this, you know that any Production Posse member you may associate with will be a serious filmmaker. By preventing free access, we prevent an army of spammers, chancers and trolls from invading the Posse and the Forums. We make no apologies for being a paid for membership site, this is what helps us maintain the excellent performance we deliver.

Why should I pay for your content?
There is free content available elsewhere. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube and there is social media to communicate with filmmakers. We are a step beyond this for serious filmmakers and we are a brand, and a business, that can be trusted. In addition, we do not produce material simply to gain advertising and clickbait links. We're open about what we're doing and we'd love you to be a part of it.

What are the Production Posse Terms and Conditions?
We do have legally binding terms and conditions, to protect our members and services. You can read them here.

Can I share a membership with my friends/family/partners?
Membership is purely on a single-user basis. Breach of this won't be tolerated.

Can I share Production Posse content?
Your membership allows you access to our hub, which includes lots of information, content, downloads and tools. These are for your use only. You may use these tools on your productions, and share print outs of certain tools on these productions. Anyone found to be pirating our content will be dealt with most seriously by legal means. You can find out more about this in our Terms and Conditions, here.

What is Atomic Filmmaking?
"Atomic Filmmaking" is the core filmmaking force behind the Production Posse. Atomic Filmmaking concentrates on squeezing as much creativity and innovation as possible into a project, regardless of a filmmaker’s background, their budget or resources. Atomic Filmmaking is about taking something potentially very small, and getting incredible, explosive results from it. The budget doesn’t matter, the results are all that counts. Atomic Filmmaking was created and developed by The Atomic Filmmaker.

Who is the Atomic Filmmaker?
The Atomic Filmmaker is Andy Wilton. A British filmmaker with twenty years experience in the industry. Andy is passionate about low budget, indie filmmaking and has created "Atomic Filmmaking" as a technique of maximising results. Andy has an indie feature film to his name, "Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL", and has shot over 1000 business films, for clients such as Nike, Orange, ASDA, Mitre and The Princes Trust. You can find out more about Andy here.

I'm a member and I'd like to change my details/payment information, how can I do this?
Members can access and alter all of their information, here.

I need to ask you a question that isn't answered here, how can I contact you?
We're happy to chat, you can reach us on our Contact page, here.

“You have the potential to make a phenomenal film that will shake the world. Go make it happen, there is absolutely nothing stopping you”.Andy Wilton: The Atomic Filmmaker

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