"The Everlasting Adventure" is a social-story, written by Production Posse PRO members.

The story focusses around the life and world of world-weary Private Investigator Jake Possum.
Every Monday there is a new episode in the series.

You can read the series so far here.
You can discuss "The Everlasting Adventure" on the forums here.

From Monday to Wednesday, Production Posse admin will take submissions from people who have written the next chapter. We will select one to publish as the next official episode.

Members can submit an entry, or find out more, by contacting admin here.

Submissions are to be strictly 50-250 words (short). Give your episode a title. The subject line of any email entry must be "Everlasting Adventure".
You can get a feel for the style and look of a piece by reading earlier episodes.

Each story should continue from the last and lead to another. You can dabble with any genre/style, but understand that most people won't be taking this overly seriously. Characters will die, come back to life .etc

We're writing for a "PG audience" so keep that in mind with content. Each submission much be in accordance with our ethics and terms & conditions. Admin decision will be final.

Admin reserve the right to tweak and alter any submissions to help them best fit the overall series.

We will receive many submissions a week, please understand that only one can be selected. Don't be disappointed, re-apply in the future.

Understand that any submission, and all content therein, is submitted rights-free and is controlled and owned by Production Posse.

“You have the potential to make a phenomenal film that will shake the world. Go make it happen, there is absolutely nothing stopping you”.Andy Wilton: The Atomic Filmmaker

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