Production Posse offers all members titles and stings of the Production Posse logo, which they can use on their films.
We do offer a larger range for PRO members.

Members pop these titles and stings on their work to help add some extra classy production information, to show they're a proud member and, in some cases, to help make a project seem larger through association. We're very happy to help by providing a range of stills you may use on your personal work.

Using these files has to be alongside our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to revoke permission to use any of our assets or trademarks for anything we deem to not meet our T&C or ethics.

In addition, we'll soon be running a regular competition, inviting members to create their own Production Posse stings and titles, for inclusion in the Hub.

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“You have the potential to make a phenomenal film that will shake the world. Go make it happen, there is absolutely nothing stopping you”.Andy Wilton: The Atomic Filmmaker

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