We're aware at the Production Posse that part of being a filmmaker is the sourcing, selling and trading of filmmaking equipment and services.

We have an area of the Production Posse Forums, which is designed specifically for this practise, here.

There are some important factors to consider however...

Production Posse takes zero responsibility for any sales, deals or transactions that occur. Members may buy or sell equipment and services through this area of the forum, but they do so entirely at their own risk.

We would recommend that deals are done through a selling services such as eBay, so that buyers and sellers are covered legally with issues that might arise. If using a service such as Paypal, never use a "friends and family" service, unless you are sending money to friends or family - buyers are not protected against purchases if using such a scheme.

While we are not responsible for any issues that may arise during deals in this area of the forum, we may choose to remove/ban anyone who is deemed to be operating in an illegal or unethical way.

So, feel free to use this area of the site, but understand that any transactions are done at your own risk.

The Trading section of the Production Posse forum can be found here.

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