The Production Posse Mission Statement:

The Production Posse exists to educate, motivate and bring together, indie film creatives.

Our goal is to continually evolve and grow, to establish ourselves as the definitive home of Atomic Filmmaking.

All Production Posse members are to be treated with respect and care, by administration and members.

Members are equal, regardless of background, location, resources, gender, sexual orientation, age, creed or experience. We are in this together and discrimination isn't tolerated.

The Production Posse is not a free service, and does not strive to be. We are committed to providing a great service, outstanding content and to be of excellent value. We will not lower our standards to cut corners or to lower prices.

We believe strongly in creativity, story and the power of filmmaking. The Production Posse wants to continually push creative boundaries and development.

We are a very inclusive organisation and continually look to grow our Posse. At the same time, we will not shy away from removing members people who cannot live by our ethics, mission statement and terms and conditions, which can be viewed here.

I strongly believe that, together, we can all grow, evolve and make incredible films that will rock the world!

“The Production Posse is Here to Educate, Motivate and Bring Together, Indie Film Creatives." Andy Wilton: The Atomic Filmmaker

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